Struggling players that can only get better

To many people buy on what a player has done this season, instead of what a player can do. Here is a list of players/ crafty veterans who will rebound to make fantasy glory and others that will go down in flames.

The Championship maker’s

1. Prince Fielder- This guy has amazing power and is great in the 2nd half. He is on pace for 30 Hr (currently has 13) and 62 rbis( currently 27). He is defintly going to hit 30-35 homeruns, but most importantly he is going to have a plethora of RBI’s coming his way. Baseball is all about averages and he has had over 100 RBI’s the last 3 seasons including 141 last year. Get him before he heats up.

2. Chase “The Great” Utley- Even though he ranks just outside the top 5 at 2B, he will be 1st or 2nd w/ Cano as the top 2B when all is said and done. Just like his teammate Mr. Howard, he is going to explode in the 2nd half. He started slow last year ( partially b/c he was injured) and still claimed top spot at secondbase and same thing will happen this year.

3. Sir Laaance Berkman- some people cut him, others are playing through the pain and those people will get rewarded. Last year stats 25 HRs, 80 RBI’s, and a .399 OBP in only 136 games. His lowest OBP in the last 10 years is .386 (btw he hit 34 HRs and 102 RBIs that year). He has a career 409 OBP, but currently has 343 OBP. Things are only going to get better and Berkman owners are going to loving it.

4. Carlos Lee- I said it earlier, but just want to reiterate that baseball is a game of averages. He’s had 7 straight 100 RBI seasons and that includes 08′ when only played 115 Games. Currently has 38 RBI’s, but according to the averages hes going to end up with atleast 100, so thats atleast 62 RBI’s in the last 85 games. Any Fantasy owner would want that. The OBP is .262 and shouldn’t get much higher then .340 or .350, but thats stil 80 to 90 points higher. I believe in you Carllosss and so should you.

The Championship breaker’s

1. Jose ” who” Bautista- Leads the league in HR’s with 20, is 8th in BB (43) and 14th in RBI’s w/ 49. Now for the disturbing part, a .232 BA is right around his career avg.237. His 20 homeruns are a career high and his career high in RBI’s is 63. While he will probably break the RBI mark, it won’t be by alot. Whatever value you can get from him, get it meow.

2. James ” so lonely” Loney- Just don’t see what people like about him. Yahoo! has him rated as the 69th best player but how? He only has 5 HR’s, Thats right 5 Homeruns! His OBP is .347, thats nothing special and his 47 RBI’s is just average. He is an average player at BEST.

3. Corey Hart-  In 08′ the first  and only year he played over 157 games, he swatted 20 HRs and drove in 91 runs, while stealing 23 bases ( both RBI’s and SBs where career highs). His current OBP is right where it was last year at .335. He is no longer stealing bases because he cant get on base enough. He currently has 18 Homers  and 53 RBI’s, but can’t see him ending up with more than 28 on the season. so is he really worth 10 Homers and about 40 RBI’s the rest of the way? I think not.

Next time, it is the pitchers turn.


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  1. Jeremy K. Says:

    Wow. This guy is dead on!

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