New Faces in New Places

Here are my predictions on where the top free agents are going.

Bron Bron- front-runner “Da Bulls”. They got D-rose and Noah to build around, plus deng and add in another great free agent (boozer or bosh) and the starting line-up looks like this- rose, deng, lebron, Boozer or Bosh, and Noah. The Curveball would be the Nets. Better lineup  with Brooke Lopez, Devin Harris and newly drafted Derrick Favors sounds like DYNASTY   . Plus the chance to be an international superstar.

DDDDDwwaaynnne WWAADDEE- he stayn, nuff said.

Bosh- Probably joining Wade in south beach, smaller chance he joins “Da Bulls”.

Boozer- going to Chicago or stayn Put

Joe Johnson- Stayn with the Hawks or for some unkown reason going to Knicks.

Amare- Going to New York b/c they won’t be able to get any other free agents and it is going to be hilarious when that happens. They are going to panic and sign him instead of paying D- LEEE who is just as good. Oh and they have an aging T-mac. Thats a great selling point…not!

Pierce -prob staying now that Doc is back but a longshot to join D-Wade in south Beach

Rudy Gay- Hopefully staying with the GRIZZ, but if not he would be perfect as a Clipper. Kaman, Griffin, Gay, Eric Gordon, and B-Diddy (Baron Davis) is a great starting roster.

Dirk-a-Dirk ain’t going know where

If Amare goes to the Knicks, then he will be switching places with David Lee who will be Headed to PhX, Longshot of going to the Jazz with Boozer gone.

Ray Allen going to the Bulls with Bron or staying loyal in Boston.

3 Responses to “New Faces in New Places”

  1. Martin K Says:

    You really think Lebron to Bulls most likely??

    I don’t disagree necessarily, but see it hard for him to leave Cleveland when it really comes down to it. More money, plus it’s home.

    – I would love to see him and Wade together though if he does leave.

    Grizz say the will match all offers to Gay, but might just be a threat..

    • forsportz Says:

      The Cavs can’t add any other players so they aren’t going to get any better. I too would love to see him pair up with Wade, but they are basically the same player and don’t think they could play well together.

    • forsportz Says:

      Exactly about Rudy- they say they are going to pay him, but if someone is willing to pay him the max, then they are prob not going to match it. How do we pay him the max and give randolph less money? Plus, we have to pay Mayo and Gasol a lot more in a couple of years.

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