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This is the Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy“. I talk some Fantasy NBA pickups and some guys I would trade away. Also, Talk some Fantasy Baseball with some late round sleepers. My notes are attached. ( once again there notes, so excuse the grammatical errors).



Josh Howard-owned in 3% ESPN Leagues, has averaged 30 minutes in his last 3 games and in 3 those games has averaged 15.3 points, almost 7 rebounds,2 ast and just over 1 steal in that span. He could keep this up as Utah Doesn’t really have a Shooting guard.

Tristan Thompson- owned in 3% of leagues, has put up some solid stats in his past couple of games by gettind doubles doubles in 3 of his past 4 games. With Anderson varejo out and the potential of Twan getting traded. Thompson will continue to get PT which means he will continue putting up doubles doubles.

Gerald Henderson- Only owned in 30% of Leagues started really well this season. is averaging 15 points, just over rebounds and almost 2 ast per game. Think this guy could be a huge pickup if you can get him.

James Johnson- owned in 19% of leagues has performed well of late. But want to see what happens when Bargnani comes back. Either way this guy will continue to contribute in categories all across the board.

“All Things Fantasy


Guys im trying to rid of

Steph Curry- Just scares me going forward. He seems like an injury just waiting to happen. When he plays hes awesome, but he just cant seem to get healthy. He still has a lot of value so shop him while you still can.

Jrue Holliday his name brings a lot more value than his game. With the emergence of Lou Williams, the production of Holliday has decreased. According to ESPN Live Draft Results, Holiday was drafted as the 38 pick in draft. Ahead of guys like kyle Lowry, Brandon Jennings, and Ty Lawson and the list goes on. But I want to compare his stats to someone who was drafted 50 spots behind him and someone that you can get for cheap and that is Darren Collison.

Holliday is averaging 13.5 points, 4.5 ast, and 3.3 rebounds per game

Darren collision is averaging 11.5 points, 5.2 ast, 3.5 rebounds

Steve Nash- No one can argue that nashticles can ball. My worry is his age. I can definitely see Nash missing some games during the fantasy Playoffs b/c of either injuries or they might rest him when the Suns are out of the Playoff race. He just scares going forward and would it would be hard to feel confident with him in my playoff lineup

Antwan Jamison- He has been a very reliable fantasy option this year by averaging 17 points, 6.5 rebounds and close to ast per game. My concern is that if he gets traded to a playoff contender that he will no longer be a starter for that team and therefore no longer be a starter on fantasy teams. His value is at its peak right now. Get Rid of him while you still can

Jarret jack- The Jack Attack, came out the gates swinging and made his fantasy owners look like Brilliant for taking him. He has had some lingering Injuries recently and it seems that Greieves Vasquez is now splitting time with the Jack Attack.


Guys Im trying to acquire

Check your playoff schedule first.


Brook Lopez


Baseball Sleepers- These rankings are based on ESPNs overall player rankings

Jose Tabata ranked 284 by ESPN

Homer Bailey- ranked 279th

Trevor Cahill ranked 272 while last year was a small step back, this is a proven solid starting pitcher. He went 18-8 with a 2.97 ERA in 20120 and in 2009 finished in the top in AL CY Young Voting. Now he moves to the NL which should make an absolute bargain for where hes being drafed.

jair Jurrjens –ranked 256 was injured for most of last year, but was rocking folks before the injury. picked for the All-Star Game after going 12-3 with a 1.87 ERA

Wilson Ramos- ranked 216, could be a solid catcher for especially for leagues that play 2 catchers, hit 15 homers and drove in 52 runs in only 113 games. Could see him hitting 20 homeruns and atleast 70 RBIS this upcoming season

John Danks-209

Rick Porcello-465-

Matt Harrison 349- last year he put some quality numbers, had 14 wins – 9 losses,  had a solid 3.39 ERA in 185 Inn. and struck out 126 batters.

Martin Prado-168 did not live up to potential last year. He was drafted in the middle rounds like 8-10 but injuries derailed his season. Now he is being drafted somewhere around 14 and that is way to low for him. This guy is a career .293 hitter with a .341 OBP. Expect this guy to have a bounce back year and pay huge dividends to the fantasy owners that draft him.

Jemile Weeks-202 really like the way this guys play. He can steal bases and will easily get 30 SBs this season. makes for a great late  round pick for people in Roto Formats

Lucas Duda-212 hit .322 avg and had a.411 OBP after the all star break. That is when he got most of his ABs. For the season, only 300 ABs he hit 10 HRs, had 50 RBIs, and had a great OBP.370. If He can get even close to double those numbers your looking at a guy who could potentially hit 20 homeruns and drive 100 Runs

Adam Dunn ranked 219

Brandon Mccarthy


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5 Responses to ““All Things Fantasy””

  1. Ethan Says:

    Have you thought about doing a live baseball draft for just Memphians? I am trying to get one started, but it is slow going right now. I was curious if you had any interest in trying to get one started together.

    • forsportz Says:

      That is a great idea, I would be very interested in doing a live draft. I could try to talk to some friends and see if they any interest. How many people you got so far?

      • Ethan Says:

        Well, I’d like to say more than 0, but right now, I have 0. So it’s just me. My friends don’t know even what RBI means. I’m going to keep beating the bushes and see if I can find some more people.

  2. Ethan Says:

    I’ve got a few guys who are interested in the league. Any luck on your end?

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