“All Things Fantasy” (3-8-12)

This is the Thursday, March 8th 2o12 edition of ” All Things Fantasy”. Jeff Erickson, The Senior Editor of Rotowire.com, comes on the show to talk Fantasy Baseball. Also, I talk about some NBA fantasy pickups and some players that could be greatly effected by the trade deadline. here are my notes from the show.


NBA Pickups

George Hill – in his last 3 games he has averaged 24 minutes and averaged 14 points, almost 4 rebs, close to 2 ast during that span. This is a must add for any Darren Collison owner, b/c Collison has been playing poorly recently and if he gets hurt then Hill will be right there to take his spot.

Shelden Williams- has had only 1 good game and that was last night as he played 41 minuest scored 15 points and hauled in 10 rebounds. With Brook Lopez possibly out for the season. Williams could become their starting Center. If he plays another 40 min in his next game then Williams would be a must add in all formats.

Josh howard- goes 5 games next week, is getting solid PT for the jazz.  Is only owned in 12% of ESPN Leagues. In his last 6 games he is averaging 12.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, close to 2 ast and steals during that span and hasn’t played less than 26 minutes in any of those games.


Randy Foye goes 5 games next week

Iman Shumpert/ Baron Davis

Carl Landry

Ronnie Brewer

Trade Deadline Players

Andray Blatche- isn’t doing a lot, and by not doing a lot I mean practically nothing for the wizards.  They are trying to trade him and he could be a huge assest if a team takes a risk on him. If that happens he would be an immediate pickup for all fantasy owners

Jamal Crawford is being shopped around, mainly to Minnesota and The Clips. I could see him doing some serious damage ( ina good way) if he goes to Minnesota. He would play a lot of minutes bc they need someone who can score.

Tristan Thompson- Isn’t doing a lot in Cleveland mainly b/c he isn’t getting PT. that could all change if They decide to trade Antwan Jamison. Thompson would be a major player for any fantasy playoff team if Jamison gets traded

Michael Beasley- is almost guaranteed to get traded. That drastically makes his fantasy go up.


How did you become senior editor of rotowire.com and a MLB Fantasy Expert.As someone who is striving to become a fantasy baseball expert

What stats do you look at when your making your top 200 players list.

Evan Longaria- you have as the 10nth overall player in your top 200 rankings, I think that is way to high for him. Why do you like him that high.

Andrew Mccutchen- You have as 19th overall, what improvements from last year do you see him making this year.

Brett lawrie- and Bj upton at 30 and 31


I don’t like to look at projections, how do you feel about them.

Is there any particular strategy you try to use for fantasy baseball like do you wait on pitchers, take steals early.

What do you look for in spring training?

Are There any closers you like this year that other people don’t

Name Recognition. I throw a name out some names and you tell me what you think about him.

Michael Cuddyer-

Josh Johnson-

Trevor Cahill-

Shin-soo CHoo-

Jemile Weeks-

J.D. Martinez-

Wilson Ramos-


Carlos beltran-

Justin mornaue-

Bryan Lahair-


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