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“All Things Fantasy” (5/24/12)

May 25, 2012

This is the Thursday May 24th, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. Jeff Erickson, the senior editor of, comes on the show to talk about some hot hitters, we play buy or sell on players that have started off slow, and more. Also, I give suggestions on some 2 start pitchers for next week, guys that have come out of nowhere to become fantasy starts, some guys to add, and more. Below are my notes from the show.

2 start pitchers for next week

Bronson Arroyo (@Pit,@ HOU)- is going against 2 bad offenses in Pittsburgh  and Houston. He has been his inconsistent self which is one good start then one bad start, but he strikes guys out and will more than likely get at least 1 win next week posseebly 2

Scott Diamond (vs OAK,@ CLE)- Yes the diamond in the rough, goes against OAK who’s offense is pretty bad and @ cle who are bad- Can see him getting atleast 1 win and 2 QS

Travis Wood ( vs SD, @ SF) Now this is for deep leagues, hes home against San diego and the


Roy Oswalt- wheres he gonna go? nobody knows, but seems like he is going to sign on with a team soon and the stuff has always been

Kevin Millwood SEA, (1.3%)-Who has been the best pitcher the last 2 week????that would be one old Kevin Millwood/ He gets 2 starts next week, has won his last 3 starts all QS, in those  starts he combined for 22 innings, 1 ER, has only giving up 8 hits and has 15 strikeouts in that span and the teams he faced were @ NYY, @ COL ( CG SHO) and vs TEX

Anthony Bass SP, RP (21%)

Ryan Cook RP, OAK (3.6%),22 IP, 0 ER, 21 Ks,1 W, and 0.71 whip. Think this guy will eventually take over as closer b/c Brian Fuentes well is brian Fuentes and sucks at life…I mean baseball.

Brian Matusz SP, BAL (1%)- liked him going into the year but he struggled out of the gate and now he seems back on track as he has won his last 3 starts. In those starts he has 16 Ks in 18 innings, a 3 ERA and a great 1.06 WHIP and those were some tough teams in Bos, Tampa Bay, and KC but KC doesn’t count

R.A. Dickey:

Michael Brantley OF, CLE ( 26%)- doesn’t do anything great but contributes all around, will steal some bases, 7 on the season. get rbis and Runs, wont hit HRs but if you rlooking for a guy speed and some pop than Brantley could be it.

Elliot Johnson SS, TB

Daniel Nava OF,BOS

Rajai Davis OF, TOR

Watch List

Josh Bell 3B, Ariz- saw him in the minors, like his power and if he gets the PT could be a waiver wire option later in the season.

Nick Johnson

Dice K- Matzusaka

Top Players from no where

C-A.J. Pierzynski- has the 2nd most RBI’s amongst catchers, and is hitting .303 on the season.

1B-Adam LaRoche- who would’ve guessed that this guy would be in the top 10 (currently 8th) in RBI’s in the MAJORS. Has a very high .397 OBP and 8 homeruns. even when Michael Morse comes back Laroche

2B-Mike Aviles- the guy qualifies at like 8 positions, really just 2B, SS, and 3B, HA thats still a lot though. Well he leads ALL secondbasemen in RBIS with 28, hes tied for 6th in runs scored with 27 and even has 5 SBs. My concern with him is his .297 OBP and his 8 HRs are 2 short of his career high of 10 in a season. SELL HIM WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

SS-Rafael Furcal- has scored the most runs among all SSs and has the 5th most runs in the majors and is hitting .339 on the season with a .398 OBP. Hes old, sell now, will get hurt he hasn’t played more than 100 games since 2009 and the season before that he played 37 games.

3B-Martin Prado- Having a resurgence of a year

OF-Adam “Pacman” Jones- already talked about him

OF- Josh “Chronicles of “ Reddick- talked about his greatness last week and he has 11 HR on the season. Went from being basically undrafted to being 100% in all leagues.  If he continues to get PT everyday then he could easily finish with 20-25 HRs and 80-90 RBIs

OF- Matt Joyce- This guy produces no but it never seems like anyone takes notice. as he was selected 209th according to ESPN live drive results but he already has 8 HRs 24 RBIS & runs, and his OBP is a great .391. Feel confident with this guy in your lineup the rest of the way

SP-  Jake “Pet” Peavy

SP-Chirs Capuano

SP-Lance Lynn-

How I’m dominating an Expert Fantasy baseball League

May 23, 2012

How I am winning/ dominating my FSWA Experts Fantasy Baseball League? Currently I am in 1st in the standings with 98 points and the guy in 2nd place has 74 points. First let me explain the rules of the league. It is a 5×5 rotisserie league with the batting categories as runs, RBI’s, stolen bases, on base percentage ( which I think is a lot better than average), and slugging percentage. The pitching categories are the same as most leagues with wins, strikeouts, saves, ERA, and WHIP as the 5 pitching categories. The first thing I did was to look at all the little details of the rules of the league like its daily lineup changes, but more importantly there isn’t a pitching cap on innings pitched. Instead, you can only have 180 starts during the season. This stood out the most to me because it instantly changed the way I was going to draft and build my team for 2 reasons. First, I only needed about 4 starting pitchers that are considered must starts almost every time they start because those 4 pitchers will start about 120-130 of all my starts for the season. Second, I need to have 3-4 closers and 1 or 2 more elite bullpen guys to wins saves and elite bullpen guys lower my ERA and WHIP.

The first thing I do when trying to build a team for rotisserie is figure out what categories I want to win and which ones I want to be average in. Too many people try to win every category in rotisserie and that is the wrong way to go about it. Oh and NEVER punt a category. When it comes to the hitting categories I NEVER try to win stolen bases because it usually means you will lose RBI’s, batting average, and home runs or in this instance slugging percentage. Instead, I try to win RBI’s, Slugging, and most importantly OBP. Just like the “Money ball” theory, if you get on base then you score runs. Therefore, if you are in top 2 or 3 in OBP then odds are you are going to be in the upper tier of runs scored. When it comes to stolen bases I like to draft guys that get both HRs and SBs. Also, I will usually only have 1 guy that only contributes only in SBs and will never draft that guy high ( yes, I’m looking at you Michael Bourn). It’s time to get to my team.

Here is the list of my current team. I will give a reason why I drafted or picked up each player. Next to the player will be the round he was drafted and pick number or the date and how much money I spent on that player.


C- Yadier Molina (R-16, P181)-  Has be awesome so far. I drafted him because he’s reliable/ would play almost every day, has a good OBP especially for his ADP, and would be in the heart of cardinals order.

C- Jonathon Lucroy (R-25, P-300)- Will be the first to admit that I didn’t see him being this awesome. The Brewers gave him a big contract and because they believed in him, I decided to believe in him. He was another catcher that I drafted late because I think people over value catchers. Knew he would be the ever day catcher for the Brew Crew and he has been one of the best catchers so far this season

1B- Adrian Gonzalez (R- 1, P-13)- Was the best available player at the time. He is an on-base and RBI machine. While he has struggled this season, the best has yet to come. Not worried one bit about his slow start to the season. He will be a top 15 player when the season ends.

2B- Jemile Weeks (R-15, P-180)- Have believed in this guy all season and he is finally starting to turn it around. He is the one guy I drafted purely for stolen bases. Think he will still finish with 30+ SBs and his OBP can only get better. I like guys that organizations consider their cornerstone, as the A’s said this guy was untouchable in trade talks. Seeing a trend here? That if the organizations believe/sign players to extensions, then you should believe in them too.

3B- Aramis Ramirez (R-6,P-61)- All Aramis does is hit and moving to a great lineup only helped his cause. His slow start didn’t bother me because this guy always seems to start slow, but he is one of the best hitting third basemen when he is hot. Can always count on him to get RBI’s and get on-base.

SS- Hanley Ramirez (R-2, P-13)- This is one of the easiest picks I made during the draft for multiple reasons. He is the best all around SS and possibly the best fantasy player that qualifies at SS in the majors, contributes in all 5 categories, and wouldn’t have to worry about the SS position the rest of the year. Also, he has been a top 5 pick the last couple of years so felt like last year was just a bad year and getting him at 13 was a steal.

2B/SS- Daniel “Murphdawg” Murphy, Mets (R-19, P-228)- The Price was right because I Just wanted someone that would help in OBP and anything else he gets me is a bonus. Where he was drafted made him a solid choice

1B/3B- Paul Konerko (R3-P-36)- This was a hard pick because I was debating between Pauly and Hosmer ( definitely made the right choice). His consistency, year in-year out, and OBP made me lean towards him over Hosmer. This pick made my 3 core players as A-Gon, Hanley, and Pauly. All 3 guys get a lot RBI’s, have excellent OBP/Slugging %, and are 3 high caliber players that I can count on throughout the season.

OF- Chris Young (R-10,P-109)- THIS GUY started out on fire to start the season, but the reason why I drafted him was I wanted a guy that could had a lot of upside and contribute in HRs and SBs as he had 20/22 in ‘11, 27/28 in ‘10, and a crazy 32/27 in 07. Plus, I needed an outfielder.

OF- Alex Gordon (R-5,P-60)- Probably drafted this guy a little to high, but I believed in him ( like so many have before me) and his numbers he put up last year. He is another guy that can put up numbers in all 5 categories as he had 101 runs, 23 HRs, 87 RBIs, 17 SBs, and had a .378 OBP last year. If he gets anywhere close to those numbers this year than it will a solid pick.

OF – Martin Prado (R-13,P-156)- His ADP was ludicrous compared to where it was the year before ( Probably was drafted around the 7th or 8th round in most drafts last year) that was the first reason why I drafted him. The second reason is he is just such a consistent hitter, could easily score 90 runs while batting in 60-70 runs with a high OBP and that is exactly what he has done all season.

OF- Lucas “The Duda Abides” Duda ( R-14, P-157)- Thought this guy was going to have a big year and still think that’s the case. Still think he could 20 HRs and drive in 100 RBIs with a good OBP.

OF-Yonder Alonso( 5/9, $1)- When I picked him up he his OBP was close to .400, but the RBI’s and runs weren’t there and that didn’t bother me because those would eventually come. He is a great hitter and his OBP has been outstanding in the last 30 days at .434 (.383 OBP on the year) and a slugging % of .505 (.418 on the year).

Util- Michael Young (R-9, P-108)-HAHAHA(that’s me laughing all the way to bank with this pick). Just an all around great hitter who will drive in 100 RBIs, hit 20 HRs, and have a great OBP as he is usually in top 5 in hits every year.

Bench- Brennan Boesch (R21- P252)- Is in a good lineup, got him late, and is a guy I play when other players have a day off.

Bench- Brett Gardner (5/24, $2)- picked him for 2 bucks, great deal as he could provide me with a BOOOOST of SBs when he gets healthy as a spot starter in my lineup.

DL/OF- Yoenis Cespedes (R-18, P-205) – The Cuban sensation, I got him late and thought he could be another guy that could go 20/20 but might hurt the OBP which I wasn’t worried about.  Low risk vs high reward .

Currently im 4th in runs ( 9pts), 2nd in RBIs (11 pts) ,5th in SBs (8 pts), 3rd in OBP (10 pts and going back and forth with 2nd place), and 4th in Slugging (9 pts) good enough for 47 points out of 60.

part 2 Will deal with my pitchers and drops I have made.

“All Things Fantasy”

May 15, 2012

This is the Monday, May 15th, 2012 edition of ” All Things Fantasy” where I talk about fantasy baseball players you should trade away, pickups to make, underrated players, and much more. Also, some listeners call in to ask questions about their fantasy team, including a question about Drew Brees. Attached are my notes from the show. “All Things Fantasy


James Mcdonald (ESPN 39%)- If a Pittsburgh Pirate SP does well will anyone notice? He has pitched phenomenal so far this season 39Ks in 44 innings, a 2.42 ERA and 1.03 WHIP. He has at least 7 Ks in each of hist last 4 starts. gets the next start @ wash on Wed and will be a 2 start for next week .

Tim Stauffer Sp, SD (40%)- He was one of the bright spots for the Padres last year with a decent 3.73 ERA and 1.22 WHIP. There is a reason why he is already owned in 40% of leagues w/o throwing a pitch all season

Danny Espinosa 2B, WSH (45%)- has started hitting and has a 5 game hit streak with 2 HR, 5 RBIs, 4 Runs, and 2 SBs. He is a very streaky hitter and this could be one of those streaks.

Jonathon Lucroy C, MIL (ESPN 16%)- He has 16 RBIs on the season and great .375 OBP. the 16 RBIS are more than other catchers like Mauer, Buster Posey, and Alex Avila

Ryan Vogelsong SP, Giants (14.5%)- a 2.94 ERA on the season his WHIP is high at 1.37. has gone at least 6 IP in each of his 5 starts. He faced COL today and will have another start this week.

Jorge de la rosa could return in the by early June. He is a strikeout pitcher and is the Rockies best pitcher

Watch List

Brendon Dozier SS, MIN- if your in a really deep league, than DOZIER could be someone to look at. Hes now their starting SS and will see plenty of ABs

Scott Van Slyke OF, LAD- Son of former Major Leaguer Andy van Slyke, This guy could be a contributor if Something happens to Matt Kemp or any other LAD OF. He cn

Guys I am trying to trade away

Josh Hamilton has missed 37 games on average the past 4 years. Right now he is by far the best player in fantasy baseball. in H2H points leagues he has 33 more points than the next person behind him (carlos Beltran). He did hit 9, yes 9, HR last WEEK. Look all im saying is his value is at its highest. If you need to fill a couple of holes in your lineup, you could get some quality players at multiple positions.

Andre Eithier OF, LAD- Even though he is off to hot start (17th in tot points), he will fall off in the 2nd half of the season. Last year he got hurt and only had 2 HR after the All star break, his averaged dropped 60 points and OBP dropped 45 points. This guy isn’t a great 2nd half performer and his value is at its peak right meow. Get as much as you can from him and laigh all the way to the bank

Edwin Encarnacion- Ive seen a lot people think he can keep this up all year but I don’t see it. This guy is currently 4th in points in H2H leagues. he has 11HR on the season, his career high is 26, and he only hit 17 last year. His BA and OBP are pretty much identical to last years (BA .276 ’12, .272 ’11) (OBP .333 ’12, 334 ’11). That’s why I don’t think he can keep up this torrid HR hitting all season. Sell- high and bc right now the price is right

Josh Willingham- I called this one, I the very beginning of the season I compared Evan Longarias numbers to josh Willingham s number and they were very similar and I feel like they will be again this year when all is said and done. Willingham has as many points as Miguel Cabrera. He has 7 HR so far this season and has averaged 23 over the past 3 years. The thing that concerns me is that he has a career BA of .263 and .362 OBP. So far on the season he has a .295 BA and .413 OBP, both of those numbers are going to drastically decline. The HRs and RBIs will be there but he is going to have a big slump sometime this season.

Derek Holland- While his numbers don’t indicate that he has been that good, he still got drafted kinda high as the 61st pitcher taken according to ESPN live draft results. ahead og guys like Ryan Dempster, Bud Norris, Jonathon Niese, jake Peavy, and ricky Nolasco. he wasn’t very good last year as he posted a 3.95 ERA and a miserable 1.35 WHIP. this year his ERA is slightly lower at 3.86 and his WHIP is a lot better at 1.20. This guys name could actually bring some value and can be a great throw in for a trade.

Underrated players

Melky Cabrera has the 23rd most fantasy points for Hitters, he is hitting a sensational .347 and a .396 OBP. He put up awesome numbers last year as he finished 17th among all hitters in points  and almost had a 20/20 season as he hit 18 homeruns and stole 20 basis. Hes quickly becoming a very good Fantasy player

Martin Prado- Mr. consistent slipped in drafts b/c he had a bad year last year and owners that drafted him took full advantage. Granted he is a lil injury prone but when he plays he hits, he is a career .292 hitter, he will only get 60-70 rbis but could get up 80 or 90 runs scored. he scored 100 in his career year in 2010. This year he is on pace for 101 runs, 9 HR and 78 RBIs I could see him reaching all of those numbers while posting a 360 OBP.

Johnny cueto has been one of the best pitchers as he has the 9th most points out of pitchers and a ridiculous 1.12 ERA and

Jason Vargas- currently is the 15th best pitchers in the majors based on points. He has a stellar 2.79 ERA and a awesome .97 WHIP, He has 5 QS out 8 starts and 4 wins vs 2 loses. Can he keep this up prob not, but your not going to get a lot of value if you trade him so hang on to him or trade for him b/c his owners might not know how good he has been

Angel Pagan his 95 fantasy points same amount of points as, Giancarlo Stanton, and more points than guys such as Desmond Jennings, Nelson Cruz,  Troy Tulowitzki, and Prince Fielder

Trade For

Jose Bautista

Troy Tulowtizki

“All Things Fantasy” (5-7-12)

May 10, 2012

This is Monday, May 7th 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. Jeff Erickson from joins me to talk Fantasy Baseball. We discuss, some Second Basemen, Closers, Some pitchers that have started off hot, and more. Also, I give you some pickups you should make and 2 start pitchers for next week. The notes are attached.


2 week starters

deep league is Wade Miley @ LAD, @ KC has his last 2 out 3 starts and allowed only 4 runs in that span and that all came in one game. He gets almost a Strikeout per innings and could put up  great stats next week

Henderson Alavarez (4%)-vs TB, vs NYM makes it back on this list. while he doesn’t strike out a lot of batters only 12 in 41 innings. he does have a great 2.83 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP. The TB offense is good but if he can make it through the start then the Mets should be an easy W. he did give up 6 ERs against them in his first time he faced TB.

Jeff Niemann @Tor, vs ATL

Ryan Vogelsong- vs Col, vs OAK

Drew Smyly – (45% ESPN)@CHW, vs Pit has not given up more than2 ER in any start this season. has 29 Ks in 28 Innings, he wont get a lot of 2 start weeks but if gets 2 next week he could have a huge next week against a weak offense in Pit and an OK offense in the Sox

2 week starts from last week

Juan Nicasio vs LAD, vs ATL had 1 win, 1 QS, 9 ks in 11. but have a 6.55 ERA and 2 whip

Bronson Arroyo-  vs CHC, @ PIT didn’t start twice,

Phil Hughes- vs BAL, @ KC did ok he had 1 win and 1 QS in 12 inns, with 13 Ks, and a high era of 5.11 but did have a .97 WHIP

Clay Bucholz vs OAK, vs BALT got lit up. His stats are so bad I cant even calculate them


Players to add

Josh “chronicles of” Reddick OAK, OF(40% ESPN) – has 5 multi hit games in his 10 games and has 5 HR, 11 RBIs, 16 runs, and 3 SBs. He has started almost every game this year for Oakland and look for him to keep getting Regular PT.

Andres Torres NYM OF (.6%)- Was just activated from the DL about a week ago and has started every game since his return and has gotten a hit in every game since then. Has a .333 BA, 3 runs, 6 RBIs, 1 SB and .407 OBP

Andrew Cashner

Jake Arrieta  SP, BAL- has been pretty good this year has he has a ok ERA at 3.52 but a low WHIP of .99 He has 33ks in 38 Innings, and 3 QS out of 6. his record is 2-2 on the season. However his next 2 starts are against TEX and TB so be careful.

Chris Johnson 3B, Houston

Kyle Seager 3B, Seattle

Yonder Alonso 1B, OF San Dieg- The hits are there, eventually the RBI’s are going to come. He has a .361 OBP  on the season and .444 OBP in the last 15 days. He is batting in the middle of order and has always been a solid prospect

May 1, 2012

This is Monday April 30th, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. Jeff Erickson from joins me to talk about bryce harper, Closer situations, starting pitchers off to a hot start, and much more. Also, I give some 2 start pitchers for next week, guys to pick up, and more.

2 Start Pitchers for next week

Daniel Bard- @KC, vs CLE

Philip Humber- @cle, vs KC

A.J. Burnett- vs Wash, vs, Hou

Felix Doubront- @ KC, vs Cle

2 start pitchers from last week

Henderson Alvarez, TOR- @ Bal,vs SEA pitched 13 innings, only had 1 K but had 2 QS, 1 wiin, 2.08 ERA, 1.23 WHIP

Tommy Hunter- vs TOR, vs OAK also pitched 13 Innings, had 2 QS, 1 Win, 4 Ks, a 2.08 ERA, and 1.08 WHIP.

Mark Burhle didn’t start 2 games

R.A. Dickey- vs MIA, @ Col didn’t get 2 starts b/c of rain but still had 1 really good start as he pitched 7 innings, struck out 7 got the win and QS. his era 1.29 and had a .57 whip for the game. Great start.


Doug Fister  P, Det (70%)- was great last season and most owners dropped him when he went on the DL this year. Last year he had a 2.83 ERA, 1.06 whips and had 146ks to only 37 Walks. Go pick him immeediiatly if he is your league

Alcides Escobar SS, KC—if your desperate at SS look now further than THIS GUY. He can produce in SBs, as he 5 of them on the season. He his hitting .295 and is hitting atop a solid lineup

Michael Saunders  OF, SEA (ESPN 3.6%)- has been on fire in his 6 games as he is has 2 Homeruns, 9 RBIs a .348 BA, and even 1 SB.

Gerardo Parra OF, ARZ ( ESPN 24%)- picked this guy up in a couple of leagues and has produced. He gets Stolen bases, runs and rbis, will hurt the average alil bit.In his last 13 games he has scored 10 runs, hit 2 homerunes, 9 rbis, 5 SB. and a .267 BA. Will get PT as long as Chris young is hurt and even will get some after. he is tied for 5th in Stolen bases.

Jed Lowrie 3b,SS, HOU-  He has 2 homeruns, 5 rbis, and 4 runs over his last 6 games and is hitting .360 during that span. He will play almost everyday for the stros and this guy can put solid numbers when he gets hot.

Don’t Give up

The weeks brothers have both struggled mightly to start the season.  but keep faith in these 2 guys. Rickie will by far come around and he will hit for power and RBIS, while Jemile weeks will steal bases, He has 4 but that number should jump when he starts getting on base more.

Lucas Duda Abides- this guy is going to get hit 20 homeruns, Close to 100 RBIs and will hit close to .285. Just be patient.

Coco Crisp has 3 SBs in his last 6 games. he is hitting a miserable .190 on the season but that will defiantly go up and when that does his stolen bases will drastically increase.

Jordan Walden

Neil Walker