“All Things Fantasy” (8-22-12)

This is the Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I give my end of the year prediction rankings for the up coming football season. Here is the list, but listen to the show to find out what I said about each player.

“All Things Fantasy”

These are my end of the year rankings/ predictions. I tried to take injuries into account.

Top 10 QBs ( 2011 year rankings)

1. Tom Brady (3rd)

2. Aaron Rodgers (1st)

3. Drew Brees (2nd)

4. Mathew Stafford (5th)

5. Eli Manning (6th)

6. Cam Newton (4th)

7. Matt Ryan (8th)

8. Tony Romo (7th)

9. Peyton Manning (NR)

10.Philip Rivers

On the show I had Fitzpatrick finishing 10th, but realized that was a mistake after the fact so changed it here.

Notables Left off, RG3, Vick, Luck, Dalton, Fitzpatrick

Top 15 RBs

1. Ray Rice (1st)

2. Arian Foster (4th)

3. Lesean Mccoy (2nd)

4. Chris Johnson ( 16th)

5. Darren Mcfadden ( 34th)

6. Fred Jackson (14th)- Missed 6 games

7. Jamaal Charles (NR)

8. Matt Forte (17th)- missed 4 games last year

9.Demarcco Murray (30th)

10. Donald Brown (35th)

11.Adrian Peterson – missed 4 games (7th)

12. Marshawn Lynch ( 6th)

13. Darren Sproles (8th)

14. Reggie Bush (12th)

15. Ahmad Bradshaw (20)

Notables Left off, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, MJD, BJGE, Beanie Wells

WR Rankings top 15

  1. Calvin Johnson (1st)
  2. Larry Fitzgerald (5th)
  3. B-Marsh(13th)
  4. Roddy White (7th)
  5. Jordy Nelson (2nd)
  6. A.J. Green ( 16th)
  7. Victor Cruz ( 4th)
  8. Percy Harvin (8th)
  9. Marquess Colston (11th)
  10. Steve Smith (6th)
  11. Brandon Lloyd (25th)
  12. Julio Jones (19th)
  13. Torrey Smith (22nd)
  14. Pierre Garcon (23rd)
  15. Antonio Brown (24th)

Notables Left off, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Andre Johnson

Top TEs Top 10

  1. Jimmy Graham (2nd)
  2. Rob Gronkowski (1st)
  3. Aaron Hernandez (3rd)
  4. Vernon Davis (8th)
  5. Antonio Gates (7th)
  6. Fred Davis ( 12th)
  7. Brandon Pettigrew (11th)
  8. Greg Olsen (17th)
  9. Jermichael Finley (5th)
  10. Jason Witten (6th) – had 24 points in his last 6 games, that’s 4 pts per game.

Notables left off, Jermanine Gresham, Jared Cook, Tony Gonzalez, Dustin Keller


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