“All Things Fantasy” (10-10-12)

This is the Wednesday October 10th, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I talk about some start/sit for the upcoming week, I take questions from a caller. Also, I played Would You Rather with NBA players that were ranked closely. My notes from the show are below

“All Things Fantasy”

Trades I made-

Got AP and Maclin for Calvin and BJGE- Needed a #1 RB and it is a 1 PPR league, but I am solid at WR with B-Marsh, Percy, Maclin, T. Smith, Hartline, and Andre Robert. So loosing Megatron wasn’t a big lose for my team.

Got Bradshaw, Cruz, and M. Bush for CJ2YDS, and Bowe- got offered this before last weeks game and snap called this.

Gave Leshoure for Vincent Jackson- .5PPR league, got offered this and also snapped called it. Now my lineup is McCoy, Jamaal Charles, V-Jackson, B-Marsh, & Antonio Brown. Solid group, don’t believe in leshoure to be their starter in 3 weeks



Sit Bradshaw vs 49ers

Sit Romo Vs Bal

Sit Brandon Lloydvs SEa

sit Flacco vs DAl

Sit Alfred Morris- this is BOLD though

Start Ponder vs Was

Start Kolb vs Buffalo- This is my Start of the week

Luck is becoming a Must Start

Start ALL Steelers

Start Donald Jones

Start pierre Garcon

Sit both Bills RBs-would choose spiller if I had to start one of them

Sit Marshawn Lynch vs NE- Sit of the week, Just feel that NE will make SEA beat them through the air.

Guys IM trading for:

Jeremy Maclin- He is great buy Low


Larry Fitz

Lance Moore- Is the Saints #2 WR

Andre Roberts- Has been one of the most consistent WR this year

Matt Forte- His value is only going to get higher

Miles Austin- Has been very consistent

Jordy Nelson- It can only get better, his value is at its lowest

Pierre garcon- See Nelson

Guys im trading away

Any Panther- That team is in shambles

Stafford/ Megatron- Could still get a lot for either one and they have a tough ROS schedule

Ahmad Bradshaw- His value is at its highest, will probably get hurt soon

BJGE- He has been a major disappointment

Dwayne Bowe- Ummm Brady Quin is throwing him the ball

Torrey Smith-

Would you rather: I gave my reasons for each one during the show

Danny Granger or Carmelo Anthony- Melo

Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum- Dwight

Andre iguodola or Rudy Gay- Iggy

Lamarcus Aldridge or Pau Gasol- LaMarcus

Jennings or Monta Ellis- Monta

Blake Griffin or David Lee- Griffin

Andrea Bargnani or Brookw Lopez- Bargnani

Luol Deng or Jrue Holiday- Deng

Scola or Chris caveman Kaman- Scola

Jeff Teague or  Darren Collison- Teague

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