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“All Things Fantasy”

February 26, 2013

In this Monday, February 25th 2013 edition of “All Things Fantasy” Jeff Erickson (@jeff_Erickson), senior editor at, joins me to talk fantasy baseball. Also, Isaac Stock and I talk some fantasy basketball. Then Michael Pichan(@fantasynomad), blogger for, joins me to talk about his rankings for the upcoming 2013 fantasy baseball season which you can view here below are my notes from the show and some topics we discussed

“Ask advice from everyone, but act with your own mind.” ~ Yiddish Proverb. This is something every Fantasy sports player needs to learn

“All Things Fantasy”

Interview with Jeff Erickson:
Where would you draft Curtis Granderson now that he has a broken for arm? is there any Yankee that will pick up his slack?

Who do you take with the first pick of the draft? 4th pick?

guess this player (1st baseman)..had more homeruns than Paul Goldschmidt & Adrian Gonzalez…had the highest Slugging PCT of ANY 1st baseman…he became the primary 1st basemen this winter…give up? its Brandon Moss- why are people so down on this guy?

You have to choose Eric Hosmer or Anthony Rizzo for only this season. which one and why?

Is this the year Chris Johnson breaks out in ATL?

Do you believe all the Allen Craig Hype?

What 1 or 2 or players that will begin the year in the minor leagues become a fantasy difference maker?

Is Ernesto Frieri the one to own in LAA over Ryan Madson?

Do you think R.A. Dickey has a successful season compared to last year?

NBA Pickups
how is Derrick Williams only owned in 14% of espn leagues? hes averaging just under 16 points a game while grabbing close to 9 rebounds per game. including 23 points & 12 rebounds in his last game.

C.J. Watson (3.7%)- D-Will and Joe Johnson insurance

Jermaine O’Neal (12.2%)- averaging close to a dublay-dublay in the last 15 days averaging 10 points, 9.2 rebounds and 2 blocks a game during that span.

Tobias Harris- (Owned in 0.1%)- finally got on the court for the Magic and produced solid numbers in 25 minutes of action 14 points, 6 rebounds,3 steals & 1 block

Andre Drummond if he is avaliable

Nomad Interview-
David Wright at 5?
Buster Posey at 9?
McCutchen 17th?
Martin Prado 24th?
Medlen 43rd?
like that you have Giancarlo 52nd
Elvis Andrus 58th? 1 spot behind Castro
Billy butler 62nd?
like Pablo 92nd?
like Mark Texiera 165th?
Mark Trumbo 188???


“All Things Fantasy” (2-18-13)

February 19, 2013

In this Monday February 18th, 2013 edition of “All Things Fantasy” I talk some Fantasy Basketball pickups and some player to targets going into the real NBA trade deadline. Also, I give my bounce back player of the year of the week in fantasy baseball and give you some players who will be a cheap source of stolen bases on draft day. Below are my notes from the show.

“All Things Fantasy”

Traded for Lebron/JR Smith..gave IGGY/ZBO/MONTA/Deron Williams in the FSWA expert league

Pickups (% owned in ESPN leagues)
Jason Terry (54.6% of leagues)- is shooting 52.3% in last 15 days while playing 30 min agame, knowkcing down 2 3s a game, while dishing out close to 4 assist and scoring 13 points per game during that span.
Taj Gibson- insurance for Joakim/ Boozer
Michael Beasley -38%

players to target before trade deadline
Eric Bledsoe
Kris Humphries
Samuel Dalembert
Derrick Favors
Gerald Henderson
marcus thornton
Jared Dudley

Bounce back player of the Week

Brett Gardner OF, NYY- last year Gardner only played a handfull of games before getting hurt, but he is still one of the best base stealers in the league. He had 49 SBs & 87 runs in 2011 and 47 the year before that (97 runs) so he isn’t a fluke. while he will only hit about .260 or 270. His OBP should be around .345 if not higher, had a .345 OBP in “11 & .385 OBP in ’10. He is putting up similar numbers to Michael Bourn but could be had a lot cheaper. best part is people are going to forget about him b/c they will be looking at last years stats so make sure to put him on your watch list during the draft

Don’t pay for steals early in the draft b/c here are some solid options that can get you steals later on in the draft
got Average Draft Position from
Alcides Escobar SS, KC- (10th among SS, 211 ADP)35SBs
Everth Cabrera SS,SD- (19th SS, 300thADP)44 SBs, Led NL
Coco Crisp OF, Oak- 39 SBs (ADP 136)
Ben Revere OF, Phi- 40 SBs (ADP 185th)
Juan Pierre OF, Fla- 37SBs (240 ADP)
Norichika Aoki OF, Mil- 30 SBs (ADP 131)

“All Things Fantasy” (2-11-13)

February 12, 2013

This is Monday, February 11th, 2013 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I give some NBA Fantasy pickups as well as my NBA All-Star fantasy team (players that are playing really well comapred to thier ADP). Also, give my most overrated fantasy baseball player and a bounce back player. Here are my notes from the show.


Pau injury-

Dwight injury-

Duncan Injury-

Iguolda Injury-

Joakim Injury-

should I trade Granger for varejao in Dynasty

What Should u do with Eric Bledsoe

NBA Fantasy All-stars

Jrue Holiday- 3rd in assist with 8.8 , and 19.3 points
Paul george- contributes in every category 2.3 3PMS, 7.8 rebounds, 4 assist, 1.8 steals, .6 blocks, and 17.8 points

Tony Parker- 2nd in fantasy poitns for a PG, shooting a ridic 53.5% from the field. there are only 2 players in the NBA who average over 20 points and 7.0 assist per game and tahts Westbrooke and TP

Grievis Vazquez- tied for 2nd in the league with 9.4 assist per game, if you take out FG% and Steals (2 less than CP3)as he is shooting almost 4 points worse (43%) than CP3

Nikola Vucevic- 12.5 points, 11.6 rebounds (3rd among active players),1.1 blocks, 523. FG%

2nd team

Jeff Teague has been ballen out this year 14.2 points, 6.8 assist, 1.5 steals and 1.3 3pms

Hickson- also averagijng a dublay-dublay with 12.9 points and 10.5 rebounds

Asik- averaging a DD with10.5 points and 11.5 rebounds, 1.1 blocks

larry sanders- leas the league in blocks with 3.2 a game

Tristan thompson- averaging 15.6 points and 9.3 rebounds the last 30 days


Charlie Villinueva- (1.7%) has averaged 19.5 points, 10.5 rebounds,& 1.5 blocks in his last 2 games

Jonas Valanciunas (15%)- has a dublay-dublay in his last 2 games averaging 12.5 points and 11.5 rebounds with 2 blocks each game

Samuel Dalembert (42.4%) has 10 blocks in his last 3 games and has a dublay-dublay 5 out his last 7 games

Patrick Patterson(17.5%)- has scored in double figures in his last 7 games.

Evan Longoria- dont believe hype- Played in 74 games last year and 133 games the year before. has had only 2 500 AB seasons out of 5 seasons.. I understand he is great when he plays had 17 Homeruns & 55 Rbis in only 74 games last year. and 31 homeruns & 99 rbis in 133 games the year before, but I just cant take a player that hasnt played a full MLB EVER in his MLB career.

Pablo Sandoval- His injury history scares me, played 108 games last year and 117 games the year before. Has never had more than 90 RBIs in a season or hit more than 25 homeruns.

Rickie Weeks- why is he ranked so high. (6,6,4 in CBS,ESPN has him 12th 2B) had 63 RBIs, 16th among 2nd basemen, 231 average, tied for 12th with 16 SBs put of 2nd basemen

Bounce back year

Alex Avila C- Det. Avila struggled mightly last year and a lot had to with a knee tendinitis. In 2011 when he was fully healthy he hit 19 HRS,82 RBIs, .295 BA and 385 OBP. the 82 RBIs wouldve been 5th amongst catchers last year