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“All Things Fantasy” (9-5-12)

September 6, 2012

This is the Wednesday September 5th, 2012 edition of  “All Things Fantasy”. I give some start/sit advice, give a run down of each game for week 1 and give what to watch for fantasy in each of those games, and answer some questions that were sent to me. Below are my notes from the show.

“All Things Fantasy”

Matt Forte- This he will have a great year, but he is one of those guys that scoring format determines his worth. In a PPR league he is a lot more valuable than in a standard league. Forte doesn’t score a lot of touchdowns

Michael Burner Turner- Think he will do a lot better than people think. Will be a consistent fantasy contributor. Solid #2 RB

Desean Jackson/ Jeremy Maclin- Jackson could have a really good year, he doesn’t catch a lot of passes, but has had almost 1000 receiving yards in every year of his career. Maclin is a great possession type of receiver and could have a huge year. Both of these guys value matter on Vick’s health and that can be kind of scary.

Danny Amendola/ Sam Bradford- Amendola is going to be a great PPR option this year. Could easily get 80 to 90 receptions and his touchdowns will rise. He has a great chemistry with Bradford. Amendola could find himself in the top 20 of WRs in PPR formats. Bradford could be a great #2 QB. He can run some and this is his third year in the league. Look for him to really come into his own this year and look like solid NFL QB.

Steve Smith (Car)- Just produces solid numbers like 1000 yards receiving and 6 to 7 touchdowns. With Newton around, he has a chance to grab some extra TDs, but the passing yards won’t increase much.

Ahmad Bradshaw- We saw last night he is going to be the GUY for the Giants. As long as he is on the field he is going to produce great numbers.

Ben Roethlisberger- Has weapons all around him to have a great year. Plus, the Steelers run game is going to struggle so look for Big Ben to have big year. This could be his best Fantasy season he has ever had.

Shonne Green- Won’t do anything spectacular, but will end up being a consistent fantasy asset. I could see him getting 12 to 14 fantasy points most weeks.

Larry Fitzgerald- Is by far the 2nd best receiver skill wise in the NFL, but that doesn’t translate to fantasy numbers. I think he will finish as top 5 WR, but the QB situation hinders his value.


My Start/Sit I am debating between this week. Listen to the podcast to get the full reason why I made each decision

Standard scoring-Jake Cutler/ Jake Locker- Locker

PPR- Donald Brown/ Toby Gerhart/ BJGE- need 2 out of the 3, going D. Brown and Gerhart.

.5 PPR-Nate Wash/ T-Rich/ D. Brown- Going Nate Washington

Ryan Fitzpatrick/ Andrew Luck- Going Luck

Ahmad Bradshaw/ DeAngello- Chose Bradshaw


Players I have issues with

Mike Williams TB- Think he will have a great bounce back year. He such a great value considering where he is being drafted.

Reggie Wayne- See Mike Williams. Wayne has the skills and now has a QB that can throw the pigskin

Darren Sproles- At best he performs as well as he did last year. There are so many Running backs in New Orleans and they want Mark Ingram perform. I just don’t see him being a reliable fantasy option this year.

Isaac Redman- Doesn’t have the skills to be a #1 RB in the NFL. Think he will lose a lot of PT when Mendenhall is healthy and Jonathon Dwyer will be their main back when the pass.

“All Things Fantasy” (8-22-12)

August 23, 2012

This is the Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I give my end of the year prediction rankings for the up coming football season. Here is the list, but listen to the show to find out what I said about each player.

“All Things Fantasy”

These are my end of the year rankings/ predictions. I tried to take injuries into account.

Top 10 QBs ( 2011 year rankings)

1. Tom Brady (3rd)

2. Aaron Rodgers (1st)

3. Drew Brees (2nd)

4. Mathew Stafford (5th)

5. Eli Manning (6th)

6. Cam Newton (4th)

7. Matt Ryan (8th)

8. Tony Romo (7th)

9. Peyton Manning (NR)

10.Philip Rivers

On the show I had Fitzpatrick finishing 10th, but realized that was a mistake after the fact so changed it here.

Notables Left off, RG3, Vick, Luck, Dalton, Fitzpatrick

Top 15 RBs

1. Ray Rice (1st)

2. Arian Foster (4th)

3. Lesean Mccoy (2nd)

4. Chris Johnson ( 16th)

5. Darren Mcfadden ( 34th)

6. Fred Jackson (14th)- Missed 6 games

7. Jamaal Charles (NR)

8. Matt Forte (17th)- missed 4 games last year

9.Demarcco Murray (30th)

10. Donald Brown (35th)

11.Adrian Peterson – missed 4 games (7th)

12. Marshawn Lynch ( 6th)

13. Darren Sproles (8th)

14. Reggie Bush (12th)

15. Ahmad Bradshaw (20)

Notables Left off, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, MJD, BJGE, Beanie Wells

WR Rankings top 15

  1. Calvin Johnson (1st)
  2. Larry Fitzgerald (5th)
  3. B-Marsh(13th)
  4. Roddy White (7th)
  5. Jordy Nelson (2nd)
  6. A.J. Green ( 16th)
  7. Victor Cruz ( 4th)
  8. Percy Harvin (8th)
  9. Marquess Colston (11th)
  10. Steve Smith (6th)
  11. Brandon Lloyd (25th)
  12. Julio Jones (19th)
  13. Torrey Smith (22nd)
  14. Pierre Garcon (23rd)
  15. Antonio Brown (24th)

Notables Left off, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Andre Johnson

Top TEs Top 10

  1. Jimmy Graham (2nd)
  2. Rob Gronkowski (1st)
  3. Aaron Hernandez (3rd)
  4. Vernon Davis (8th)
  5. Antonio Gates (7th)
  6. Fred Davis ( 12th)
  7. Brandon Pettigrew (11th)
  8. Greg Olsen (17th)
  9. Jermichael Finley (5th)
  10. Jason Witten (6th) – had 24 points in his last 6 games, that’s 4 pts per game.

Notables left off, Jermanine Gresham, Jared Cook, Tony Gonzalez, Dustin Keller