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“All Things Fantasy” (10-1-12)

October 2, 2012

This is the Monday October 1st, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I talked about players you should pickup, some elite talents, players you should trade for/away, and more. My notes from the show are attached below. (these are notes so sorry for grammatical errors)

“All Things Fantasy”

Real Deal or overrated?

Julio Jones- He has had 1 awesome game (6 catches, 108 Yds, 2 TD). 1 solid game ( 5 catches, 67 Yds, 1 TD) and two abissmal games ( 14 yds, and 30 yds). Next 2 Games are against WSH and OAK. The same thing happened to him last year were he had so solid games then some dud gmaes.

Chris Johnson- Finally this guy did something he had 141 rushing yards on 25 carries against one of the best defenses in the league in the Houston Texans. First game with more than 14 rushes. The fact that Locker got hurt is a huge deal for Chris Johnson.

Ryan Mathews-its starting to look murkier for this RB. First off, Jackie Battle outproduced, and out touched….. Mathews had 14 carries for 61 yards and 2 rec for 21 yards while MR. Jackie Battle had 15 carries for 39 yds and TD and 4 receptions for 40 yards and a TD.

Guys im trading away-

Doug Martin- the promising rookie weekend started the season off solid by rushing for 95 yards in week 1 and 66 yards and a TD in week 2. He has since then trailed off abit by only rushing for 53 yards in week 3 and  a measly 33 rushes on 8 attempts yesterday. Also, Legarette Blount got the TD yesterday. While I still think he will be ok this season if you can seel him now then go ahead and do it.

Andre Johnson-  ohh the very consistent inconsistent play of Dre J, Has had 2 solid weeks and 2 crappy weeks and 1 of those good weeks he only had 2 catches for 72 yards and a TD. Week 1 he had 8 catches for 119 yards, week 2 3 catches 21 yards, week 3 2 catches 72 yards and a TD, Sunday he had 3 catches for 56 yards.

Steven Jackson, heres his rushing yards by week, 53, 58, 29, 55

Greg Jennings- Reaggraveted his groin. Sell Him if you still can

Ryan Williams- Don’t believe he can handle a full work load, Did nothing yesterday, this team could start throwing the ball more and more each game

Guys Im trading for-

Mathew Stafford- It can only get better  right? Well gets a buy week to figure everything out. Hasn’t had more than 1 passing TD in any week this season, but has thrown for over 300 yards this season twice.

Jordy Nelson- Will be a top 10 WR when all is said and done.

Donald Brown- has been ok this season. But he just had a his bye week and does face Green Bay next week but then faces NYJ, Cle, & TEN the weeks after that. Think he could be a lock for 8-10 fantasy points a week which is nothing special but could be a great bye week fill in and or solid #2 rb going forward. He can also be had for very little.

Lesean McCoy- Will finish as a top 5 RB, don’t worry about the bad start

Darren Mcfadden- He is tough to deal with but I still believe  Run DMC



James Jones- Talked about him a lot more on the show, but basically could be a great pickup with Greg Jennings out

Rashard Mendenhall- should return from his injury this week, the Steelers run game has been dreadful.

Joique Bell- this for PPR leagues, had 6 catches for 72 yards on Sunday, 4 catches 44 yards, week before, and 2 catches for 59 yards in week 2.

Andre Roberts- this guy had a great game  on Sunday 6, rec, 118 yards, 2 TDS to bring his total to 4 TDs on the season. That was his first game of over 100 yards, but he has had some games earlier this season. With the RB situation not good

Greg Olsen- had a disappointing first 2 weeks but has been on fire the past 2 weeks, last week he had 7 rec s for 98 yards (14 Targets), yesterday he had 6 catches for 89 yards and a TD.

Brian Hartline- ummm wow, this guy had 12 receptions for 253 yard and 1 TDs. Let me say that again. Question is was it a fluke and while he isn’t getting 253 yards again he 19 targets yesterday. Now he has had some up and down games. His down games were against  the Jets and Texans and he still managed 8 and 9 targets in those games. His other good game was against Oak were he hed 9 catches ( on 12 targets) for 111 yards. Next week gets Cincy

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Leads the NFL in Passing TDs, Enough said.

“All Things Fantasy” (9-24-12)

September 25, 2012

This is the Monday September 24, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy” where I talk Fantasy Football. I talk about players you should pickup, Buy lows/ Sell high and more. Here are my notes from the show

“All Things Fantasy”


Bilal Powell- Blind Resume Time

Player A- had 10 carries for 45 yards and 2 catches for 24 yards

Player B- had 19 Carries for 40 yards and 2 catches for 9 yards

Player A is Bilal Powell

Player B is Shonn Greene- Jets Go against the 49ers then Houston Texans. Which means Green will Struggle the next 2 weeks

Lamar Miller/ Daniel Thomas- Reggie Bush is looking like he wont play next week so both of these guys would get a huge booosssttt if that’s the case. Daniel Thomas would be the starter and Lamar Miller would be the backup.  Thomas had 19 carries for 69 YDS and a TD while Miller had 9 carries for 48 Yards

Andrew Luck has looked pretty good in the past couple games

T.Y. Hilton- 4 catches, 113 yards and 1 TD.. with Austin Collie out for the season, T.Y. could end up being a solid fantasy contributor. He is def a stash and see. And Donnie Avery is becoming a must add

Lance Moore- is becoming the #1 WR for the Saints, in week one he had 6 rec, for 120 Yds, and 1 TD. He had disappointing week 2, but came back strong yesterday with 4 catches for 70 yards and 1 TD and was inches away from making it 2 TDs.  This is one of those players I am trying to acquire in a bunch of leagues.

Tashard Choice- had a great game coming in for C.J. Spiller when he got hurt, but I don’t see him that much value this week. I would pickup him and hope Fred Jax doesn’t play

Shaun Draughn- Has really been in play when chiefs got blown out but he could be a factor since Peyton Hillis got hurt so Draughn could be only one to relieve JC when he needs a rest.

Nate Burleson- nothing special about him but he saw 12 targets yesterday same as Calvin and Pettigrew.

Leonard Hankerson- Shanahan has announced the he has earned the right be a starter

Jerome Simpson

TE Position

Here is the top 5 TEs including week 3 in a .5 PPR league

1.      Tony Gonzalez -21 Rec, 214 Yds, 3 TDs- 49.9 pts

2.      Vernon Davis- 13 Rec, 169 Yds 4 TDs- 47.40

3.      Heath Miller – 15 Rec, 129 Yds, 4 TDs- 44.40

4.      Martellus Bennett 15 Rec, 185 Yds, 3 TDs- 44.00

5.      Jimmy Graham 17 Rec, 172 Yds, 3 TDs- 43.70

Kyle Rudolph- is quickly becoming one of the best FANTASY TEs. He has 3 TDS in his last 2 games. Now he hasn’t gotten a lot of yardage but when Ponder gets to the Redzone he is looking for Rudolph.


Buy Low

Lesean McCoy-Should be solid the rest of the season, his first 2 weeks were solid as he had 110 Rushing Yards in week 1 and 81 rushing yards in week 2 week with 81 Yds and 1 TD on 25 Carries against agood BAL team. Arizona has a solid Def and Mccoy only managed 70 yards on 13 carries.

Dez Bryant-has on 14 catches and 164 yards in 3 games.

Jordy Nelson-

Aaron Rodgers-

Cam Newton-

Brandon Lloyd-hasn’t had a huge game yet as he only a had 6 points in week 1 & 2 in standard leagues, but had 108 yards on 9 catches in week 3. He doesn’t have a TD yet so that’s why his numbers are so low but I think he will still be an elite receiver this year

Sell High

Mike Vick- has looked dreadful and there is even talk about him not starting anymore. He lost 2 Fumbles yesterday, had 3 TO the week before and had 4 INTS in week 1. HE really isn’t running the ball that much anymore only 92 yards ( yes that’s 2nd most among QBS) but we know also gets hurt and I don’t see Vick being a big Fantasy contributor by week 8.

Alfred Morris- has been solid so far this year ( 7th in the NFL in rushing yardsbut I don’t think he will continue this production that much this season. If ou need Morris now then keep him but if your not playing him I would package him in a trade and see what you can get for him. Remember they still have Evan Royster and Roy Helu ( who had a great 2nd half of last season)

Andre BrownI actually think Brown could have fantasy relevance the rest of the season even with Ahmad Bradshaw playing. Brown had A ridiculous game last week 130 total yards with 2 tds and I think he will split carries with Bradshaw aka Brandon Jacobs. Now imagine if Bradshaw gets hurt and is out for more than 1 week

Stevan Ridley-

Matt Schaub-

Andy Dalton-

Guys who had bad weeks but will bounce back

Frank Gore- will  bounce back

C.J. Spiller- Very Merky situation

Vincent Jackson- will fo sho bounce back

D. Thomas (WR, Den)- he will be fine, was #2 WR before this week.

Steven Jackson- Don’t think he be that good the rest of the season

Defense for this week- Seattle @ STL,

“All Things Fantasy” (8-22-12)

August 23, 2012

This is the Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 edition of “All Things Fantasy”. I give my end of the year prediction rankings for the up coming football season. Here is the list, but listen to the show to find out what I said about each player.

“All Things Fantasy”

These are my end of the year rankings/ predictions. I tried to take injuries into account.

Top 10 QBs ( 2011 year rankings)

1. Tom Brady (3rd)

2. Aaron Rodgers (1st)

3. Drew Brees (2nd)

4. Mathew Stafford (5th)

5. Eli Manning (6th)

6. Cam Newton (4th)

7. Matt Ryan (8th)

8. Tony Romo (7th)

9. Peyton Manning (NR)

10.Philip Rivers

On the show I had Fitzpatrick finishing 10th, but realized that was a mistake after the fact so changed it here.

Notables Left off, RG3, Vick, Luck, Dalton, Fitzpatrick

Top 15 RBs

1. Ray Rice (1st)

2. Arian Foster (4th)

3. Lesean Mccoy (2nd)

4. Chris Johnson ( 16th)

5. Darren Mcfadden ( 34th)

6. Fred Jackson (14th)- Missed 6 games

7. Jamaal Charles (NR)

8. Matt Forte (17th)- missed 4 games last year

9.Demarcco Murray (30th)

10. Donald Brown (35th)

11.Adrian Peterson – missed 4 games (7th)

12. Marshawn Lynch ( 6th)

13. Darren Sproles (8th)

14. Reggie Bush (12th)

15. Ahmad Bradshaw (20)

Notables Left off, Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, MJD, BJGE, Beanie Wells

WR Rankings top 15

  1. Calvin Johnson (1st)
  2. Larry Fitzgerald (5th)
  3. B-Marsh(13th)
  4. Roddy White (7th)
  5. Jordy Nelson (2nd)
  6. A.J. Green ( 16th)
  7. Victor Cruz ( 4th)
  8. Percy Harvin (8th)
  9. Marquess Colston (11th)
  10. Steve Smith (6th)
  11. Brandon Lloyd (25th)
  12. Julio Jones (19th)
  13. Torrey Smith (22nd)
  14. Pierre Garcon (23rd)
  15. Antonio Brown (24th)

Notables Left off, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Andre Johnson

Top TEs Top 10

  1. Jimmy Graham (2nd)
  2. Rob Gronkowski (1st)
  3. Aaron Hernandez (3rd)
  4. Vernon Davis (8th)
  5. Antonio Gates (7th)
  6. Fred Davis ( 12th)
  7. Brandon Pettigrew (11th)
  8. Greg Olsen (17th)
  9. Jermichael Finley (5th)
  10. Jason Witten (6th) – had 24 points in his last 6 games, that’s 4 pts per game.

Notables left off, Jermanine Gresham, Jared Cook, Tony Gonzalez, Dustin Keller