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DFS NBA Strategy for 8/6 & 8/7

August 3, 2016

Time to celebrate as basketball DFS is back thanks to DraftKings! They’re hosting multiple tournaments for the olympic games, but what is the right strategy to win? Well..Targeting players who play heavy minutes for their national team is crucial in putting together a successful squad. Here are a couple of players you should consider building your lineup around this weekend.

Alex Garcia, Brazil ($3,400)- Small Forward is a tough position to fill as most of the elite players are way over-priced, while the mid-tier players just aren’t that great. This brings me to one of the best value plays at the position and on the slate. Introducing Alex Garcia, who has averaged about 13 points, 5.5 rebounds, and three-to-four assists per game in the last couple of FIBA tournaments he has played in. Now those stats are for his club team and not the international team, but Garcia is likely to play a lot of minutes for Brazil and he only needs to score about 10 points, grab five rebounds, and dish out three assists to produce close to six times his value. It is hard to find quality value plays, so selecting a player like Garcia will free up some salary to pick some more expensive players.

Luis Scola, Argentina ($7,300) – I could have him on this list just for his silky smooth hair alone, but that doesn’t really help us in terms of fantasy production. First off, don’t be scared by his bad NBA numbers because Scola is the face (or is it hair?) of Argentina basketball. During the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship Olympic Qualifying Tournament (a total of 10 games), Scola averaged a remarkable 21.1 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 2.1 assists. In the 2014 FIBA World Cup, he averaged 19.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in six games. His price tag is a bit high, but he will play huge minutes and be the primary scoring/rebounding option for his team.

Mantas Kalnietis, Lithuania ($5,200) – Probably the best mid-tier selection on the slate as M.K. averaged 10.6 points, three rebounds, and 7.8 assists in nine games in the 2015 Euro Basketball tournament. He is listed as a SG on DK, but is more of a PG for the Lithuanian squad. Those numbers result in roughly 27 fantasy points, which would be more than five times his price tag. He’ll be a fixture on all of my teams this weekend.
It is hard to target USA players because most of them are over-priced and they should blowout China, so it is hard to predict how many minutes each player will get. Demarcus Cousins is probably the safest fantasy player on the team because he can extend defenses with his long range shooting skills and he’ll likely grab double-digit rebounds. However, the PF position is loaded with players who cost less than he does, but could put up similar fantasy numbers (like Ike Diogu and Dario Saric). Fading USA players is the way to go this weekend.


All Things Fantasy (2-22-12)

February 23, 2012

This is the Wednesday, February 22nd edition of “All Things Fantasy”where Chris Vernon joins me to talk about Fantasy Baseball. Also, I talk about NBA Fantasy All-Star Studs/Snubs.

Blind Resumes

A. 567 Abs, 87 runs, 16 homeruns, 63 RBIs, 30 SBs, and .268 avg

B. 556 Abs,  71 runs, 10 homeruns, 59 RBIs, 30 SBs, and .279 avg.

Now player A is better but not by a a lot.

Player A. is Jimmy rollins ( ESPN 49th overall, 4th among SS)

Player B. is Erick Aybar ( ESPN 129 Overall, 12th among SS)


A. 572 Abs, 87 runs, 23 homeruns, 89 rbis, 23 Sbs, .259 BA

B. 601 ABS, 77 runs, 20 Homeruns, 87 RBIS,22 SBs,.285 BA

Player A is Andrew McCutchen ( ESPN 25th overall, 8th OF)

Player B is Jeff Francoeur ( ESPN  180th overall, 47th OF)


A. 233.2 IP, gave up 218 Hits, 222Ks, 14 wins, 3.47 ERA, 1.22 whip

B. 225 IP, 178 hits, 178 Ks, 15 wins, 2.92 ERA,  1.14 WHIP

Player A is Felix Hernandez ( ESPN 27th Overall, 5 SPs)

Player B is Ricky Romero ( ESPN 83 overall, 23 SPs)





A. 207.1 IP, 207 Ks, 17 wins, 3.52 ERA, 1.22 WHIP

B. 202 IP, 197 Ks, 16 wins, 3.12 ERA, 1.32 WHIP

Player A. Yovani Gallardo ( ESPN 66 overall, 16th SP)

Player B is Gio Gonzalez (ESPN 132 Overall, 39th SP)

Interesting players.

Yu Darvush

Raul Ibanez

Carl Crawford

Jorge de la rosa

Brett lawrie-had a 293 Avg, 26 runs, 9 HR, 25 RBI’s, 7 SBS in 150 ABS is ranked 7th among 3B, and 46 overall ahead of guys like Aramis Ramirez, A-Rod, Michael Young.

eric Hosmer- 66 runs, 19 HRs, 78 RBI’s, 11 SBs, .293 AVg in 523 Abs.

Desmond Jennings- 44 runs, 10 HRs, 25 RBIS, 20 SBs, .259 Average in 247 ABs

Josh Johnson- when healthy he is one of the most dominant pitchers in the game

in 2010 he had 186 Ks, 11 wins, 2.30 ERA, 1.11 WHIP in 183.2 innings ESPN has him ranked as the 37 SP, and 128 Overall

Johnny Cueto had some numbers last year, a 2.31 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 9 wins and 104 Ks, in 156 IP.

Matt Latos- numbers weren’t that bad last year in 194.1 IPs he had 185 Ks, 9 wins, 3.47 ERA and 1.18WHIP.

Kevin Youkilis

Matt Moore is ranked as the 19th Best pitcher and 75th player overall. That is way to high for a rookie.

Ike Davis ranked 24th among 1B, and 208th overall

Jemile Weeks is a guy I like a lot, he is ranked 16th among 2B and 202 Overall

Ichiro Suzuki

Dee Gordon should be close to leading the Majors in SBs, hes now the leadoff hitter for the Dodgers. is ranked 13th among SS and 133rd overall. in 224 Abs he scored 34 runs, had only 11 rbis, but did steal 24 SBs and hit .304.

All Things Fantasy

February 13, 2012

This is the February 8th, 2012 edition of ” All Things Fantasy” in which I talk some solid pickups in Fantasy Basketball. Also, I give my top 12 Fantasy Baseball players for the 2012 season.

Some Pickups for this week

Grant Hill- he is playing 5 games this week and since he is only an average player. The 5 games makes him startable.

Corey Brewer- Is going to see the bulk of playing time with Gallinari out. Therefore, could put up some solid numbers across the board.

Tristan Thompson- Could be the main contributor from the Anderson Varejao injury.


All Things Fantasy (1-19-12)

January 20, 2012

In this weeks edition of All Things Fantasy I talk about players to pick up, but mostly discuss trades and play a game with in-studio guest Isaac Stock. Its fun and informative. Will update on Sunday about what players to add that I didn’t to get to talk about.

All Things Fantasy (1-11-12)

January 12, 2012

In this edition of ” All Things Fantasy” I discuss players that have started off slow, some listeners call in about their fantasy team, players that should be picked up, and much more.

All Things Fantasy (1-4-12

January 5, 2012

In this edition of All Things Fantasy (1-4-12) I talk about some surprise fantasy studs,  some deep league pickups, players that got off to hot starts and if it will continue, and much more.